Vietnam: more than 14 billion dollars in foreign direct investment

The total of the foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam reached more than 14,030 million dollars until June 20 (registered capital, additional and intended for the purchase of assets), equivalent to 91.1% in the same period of 2021, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment of that Asian nation.

The nation granted investment licenses to 752 new projects with a registered amount of around 4.94 billion dollars, a decrease of 48.2% compared to the same stage in 2021.

Foreign investors invested in 18 industries of the 21 national economic sectors. Among them, the processing and manufacturing industry leads the way with a total investment of about 8 0084 million dollars. This represents 63% of the total registered capital.

Vietnam: more than 14 billion dollars in foreign direct investment
Photo: Vietnam Plus.

From January to June, 84 countries and territories have invested in Vietnam. Singapore heads the list of foreign investors in the Indochinese country, with an amount valued at 4.1 billion dollars, 29.5% of the total FDI in the nation, followed by South Korea and Denmark.

Investors placed their funds in 49 locations. The southern province of Bing Duong ranked first with more than 2.53 billion dollars.

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