[Videos] Willie Colón reappears after almost dying in a traffic accident: his talent is intact

At the end of April 2021, the singer William Anthony Colón Roman, better known as Willie Colón, suffered a serious car accident while traveling through North Carolina (United States).

That accident was so serious that at the time it went viral in social media the news of his apparent death. Many people began to lament the fact and remembered it with some of their songs. More popular.

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However, the news was denied by relatives and friends of Willie Colon who regretted that in networks They will try to make his death viral.

I was bleeding and my entire skull was almost removed. It had it open and bleeding profusely. She (my wife) came and started treating me, he put a cloth on me and held the blood and started asking me questions… If it weren’t for her, I think I would have bled to death there”, said the singer about that situation.

This week, almost a year after the accident, the salsero returned to his natural habitat, the platforms, where his fans received him in the middle of an ovation since many had lost hope of seeing this great reference again in a presentation.

During the celebration of National Salsa Day, held in Orlando (Florida), Colón returned to the stage, vIsibly excited, to take the trumpet and delight the entire Latino community at the event.

“Willie Colón on National Salsa Day in Orlando, Florida. Whole, he still has too much heart,” wrote a fan who shared a couple of videos of the return of the world leader in the salsa genre.

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