Videos | Man recorded the strange reaction of a bear and the images go around the world

There are some recommendations that people should keep in mind when coming face to face with a bear, but this is something that the cameras that are installed in the forests are used to.

However, a curious fact is going around the world, since the renowned photographer Curtis Matwishyn, on one of his expeditions, found with one of these omnivores in the vicinity of Lake Waskesiu, which is located in Canada, where the animal behavedas the man described it, somewhat atypical.

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It was a black bear, which was very surprised when he saw it, but what most caught his attention is that when he took some photos of it, the mammal began to chase him. “He saw me and normally I get used to this kind of bears being scared when they see me, but this one was not behaving in a very strange way”Curtis mentioned for the Viral Hog newspaper.

As can be seen in the images, the animal begins to chase him, while the individual begins to take steps backwards with a repellent in your hand in case of a possible bear attack.

“It is likely that someone has fed the bear, either because it was done on purpose or food without supervision,” is one of the theories of the photographer who, In addition, he was able to observe how the animal climbed a tree moments later without much problem.

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Given this, Matwishyn called so that people do not feed the bears as it could cause accidents in the future.

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