Video: Woman hit a thief who tried to steal her business with a tremendous “flat” in the face

Every time there is growing concern about crime in different cities of the continent, because the fear that they will be robbed and that their lives will be at risk, makes citizens take justice into their own hands and arm themselves with different objects to protect themselves from thieves.

Like the most recent case that happened in a store in a neighborhood of the city of Colima (Mexico)after a video recorded the moment in which a shopkeeper hit a criminal when he tried to take his belongings.

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The small clip shows how the woman, while attending her small establishment, she looks surprised by the man who was covering his face with a hood while threatening her.

The subject who enters the place with a firearm, He begins to loot the box where the woman had the money from the day’s produce, before her attentive gaze of resignation.

After thinking about it and in the face of the subject’s insults, the shopkeeper slowly took out a machete that she kept inside the counter and in the middle of an oversight by the assailant, he hit him tremendously in the face.

Security cameras recorded the way this criminal looks surprised and He quickly runs away from the place, while the woman is too distressed, fearing to cause harm to this thief.

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Although the whereabouts of this man is unknown, what is certain is that the authorities have intensified their search to find his capture, since this could be about a dangerous criminal gang that operates in some neighborhoods of this city.

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