Video/ Willie Bermúdez meets with Google to achieve a strategic alliance and improve innovation

Willie Bermúdez, candidate for Mayor of Panama, met in Mexico City with Google directors to establish face to face a great strategic alliance that promotes the digital transformation of the city, using Google satellite data and thus improving mobility in the city, minimizing the major vehicle problem through the solutions for governments offered by the technological giant.

During the meeting, they also discussed how to digitize public services for citizens, thus improving the agility of municipal management. In addition, the success story carried out with the Monterrey mayor’s office through the use of Google Cloud was explained.

«Google offers us a unique opportunity to build a more connected, friendlier and human city. In addition to training our young people, we can generate jobs, promote transparency and optimize processes that will improve the quality of life of our citizens,” said Willie Bermúdez.

Bermúdez is committed to establishing digital training centers of excellence, supported by large technology companies such as Google. Its objective is clear: to provide young people with real technology tools and prepare them to lead the digital revolution that is transforming our world.

Likewise, Bermúdez highlights the importance of working with other large technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Meta, to promote social innovation through local entrepreneurship. “We are building a future in which no one is left behind,” he said.

Bermúdez expressed his enthusiasm for involving Panamanian youth in this ambitious project to transform the city and assured that acceleration and financing programs for the mayor’s office will be established, aligned with international standards.

As part of his vision for the future, Bermúdez announced the creation of a technology incubator in the city, in collaboration with Google and other leading companies. «Bringing these large corporations to our city is just the first step; “Our next challenge is to cultivate the intellectual capital of our young Panamanians,” he concluded.

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