[Video] The blooper of the year: Santa Fe goalkeeper made a pure school goal

[Video] The blooper of the year: Santa Fe goalkeeper made a pure school goal

Many say that the goalkeeper position is the most unpleasant in football, since an error is always remembered and remains in the retina of the spectators who are especially critical of goalkeepers.

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This Monday saw an action in football that perfectly exemplifies this saying about goalkeepers. In the Alianza Petrolera vs. Santa Fe match, the Cardinal goalkeeper, José Silvamade a rude mistake that meant the partial 2-0 for the oil team.

And it is that Silva’s error has been equated with a mistake by a school goalkeeper, since it is incredible that a professional measures the ball so badlygiven that after a long pass from before midfield it stung him and, as they say, he hung it, so that striker Brayan Gil was left alone in front of the goal, without opposition to score.

Silva has started the last few games with Santa Fe after Leandro Castellanos suffered a lumbar injury. Below is the video of Silva’s blooper:

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