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[Video] Sebastian Villa’s goal with Boca Juniors against Arsenal

[Video] Sebastian Villa's goal with Boca Juniors against Arsenal

Colombian soccer player Sebastian Villa shone again this Sunday June 5 with the shirt of Boca Juniors scoring a great goal in the match against Arsenal de Sarandí for the first date of the Argentine League.

town he appeared in the 17th minute. The 26-year-old winger was located only on the left wing, where he received a pass from Exequiel Zeballos. The Colombian, without wasting time, outlined himself and without stopping the ball finished off with his right guayo.

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Villa’s shot went in the direction of an arc and crossed the line at the lower corner of the rival goalkeeper’s left hand post, who despite being launched, could not avoid the goal.

The Colombian’s score served Boca Juniors to go up on the scoreboard 2-1, since in the 15th minute Agustín Sández had celebrated for the ‘xeneizes’.

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