[Video] Petro opens the debate on carrying weapons in Colombia: he seeks that no civilian has one

[Video] Petro opens the debate on carrying weapons in Colombia: he seeks that no civilian has one

Over the last few years, the issue of the legal possession of weapons has confronted different political sectors. For example, from the uribismo they have asked for it to be legalized to deal with crime. The Senator María Fernanda Cabal has said that it is not possible that good people cannot have the possibility of defending themselves against criminals They want to make an attempt on your life.

“Why do they prohibit good people from carrying a legal weapon, if what they do with it, they must answer for that?”the always controversial legislator wondered at the time.

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Meanwhile, from progressive sectors they have rejected the approval of the legal carrying of weapons, since they consider that this will encourage violence. It is for this reason that the current regulation of the Ministry of Defence about him carrying weapons in the country, has unleashed a controversy, given that the requirements to obtain permits to have a firearm are relaxed.

Precisely this Friday, President-elect Gustavo Petro referred to this controversial issue, assuring that Colombia must move forward so that no civilian has weapons. In that sense, he recalled the measure he took when he was mayor of Bogotá.

“The first measure that was taken by the mayor’s office was to eliminate the carrying of weapons in the city, with undoubtedly positive benefits according to the indicators in the decrease in homicides in the city,” Petro said during the delivery of a report by social organizations and civil society.

For this reason, it considered that this measure should be replicated at the national level, ensuring that there is currently a ban on the carrying of weapons that is misleading.

“This is an issue that is worth assessing at the national level, apparently this measure existed from the Santos Government, which took it back from the district, but today it is somewhat misleading, because based on special permits, basically there is no prohibition of carrying weapons, yes a good deal,” he added.

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In this sense, Petro considered that “We should reach a point in this matter of reforms where the weapons are not in the hands of civilians.”

Here is the video of his statement:

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