[Video] Musician plays the saxophone while undergoing surgery for a tumor in his brain

[Video] Musician plays the saxophone while undergoing surgery for a tumor in his brain

Surgery is a process that requires a lot of care. in search of preserving the life and integrity of the patient. Although in this kind of procedures situations can arise that are far from imagination.

This is the case of a musician underwent surgery at the Paideia International Hospital in Rome (Italy) to remove a tumor from his brain. What is surprising about the case is that the 35-year-old man he was playing his saxophone during the nine hours that the surgical intervention lasted.

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As reported by the clinic through a statement, the operation, performed last Thursday, October 13, it was all a success. In it, the tumor could be removed without complicating the neurological functions of the patient, who made the decision to enter the operating room with his instrument. since this relaxed him and gave him peace of mind.

“The architectural complexity of the brain and its remarkable plasticity make each of our brains very different from one another. Each brain is unique, as is each person“, says Dr. Christian Brogna, who was in charge of leading the team, made up of ten specialistswhich carried out the operation.

During the surgery the musician, whose identity has not been revealed, was playing the main theme of the movie “Love Story”a film from the sixties, as well as the national anthem of Italy during the time he was in surgery.

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