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[Video] Motorcyclist almost lost his life by going at full speed in a curve: he was saved by a miracle

[Video] Motorcyclist almost lost his life by going at full speed in a curve: he was saved by a miracle

The National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) reported that During January and February of this year, there were 1,252 deaths due to traffic accidents in the country, evidencing an increase of 116 cases with respect to the same period of the previous year.

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The entity specified that cyclists and motorcyclistsespecially in urban environments, continue to be the road stakeholders most affected.

LMotorcycle users continue to be the road actor with the highest number of fatalities in road accidents with a total of 768 deaths (61% of all deaths), they are followed by pedestrians with 251 deaths (20%); individual vehicle users with 107 (8.5%); bicycle users with 71 (5.6%); cargo transport users with 20 (1.5%) and passenger transport users with 11 (0.8%).

The motorcyclists who died the most were young people between the ages of 20 and 25 with 766 victims (18.2%), followed by the range of 25 to 30 years with 687 deaths (16.3%).

Both the motorcyclist union and the mobility union agree that speeding and the recklessness of all road actors are the main causes of these scandalous figures in the red.

In recent days, a video that exemplifies why motorcycles lead the accident rates in Colombia has gone viral. On one of the roads in the department of Caldas, a motorcyclist who was riding with his respective ‘duck’.

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on recording It is seen that by going at high speed when taking a sharp curve, it ends up opening too much, invading the other lane, and colliding with a bus that was coming slowly, and falls to the ground. In the video it is clear that it was a matter of seconds so that the impact was not much more serious.

Here is the video that shows the risks of reckless driving:

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