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Video: Former mayor of Bucaramanga hit a lawyer in full hearing

Video: Former mayor of Bucaramanga hit a lawyer in full hearing

on video The moment in which Cote Peña was upset and lashed out at the lawyer Rugeles was recordedafter receiving an accusation for alleged acts of plagiarism.

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“You accused me of being an extortionist, a liar, a criminal and a counterfeiter. He filed a complaint with the Council of the Judiciary for facts derived from this process. I have not been the one who has been expelled from universities for plagiarism like you”said the lawyer who was attacked during the hearing.

reason why the judge had to suspend and cancel the interrogation, to proceed to request support from the authorities. Rugeles was transferred to a care center for the respective medical examination after the blow he received.

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Therefore, a criminal lawsuit was filed against the former mayor for the act of violenceeven the judge indicated that she would take the pertinent measures to make the report to the corresponding entities.

“I made a request to the judge to take measures in search of the transparency of the evidence in relation, since the substitute lawyer for the former mayor is his son. Well, I saw that he was probably able to talk to the witnesses when he left the hearing and that offended him a lot, ”argued the defender of the complainant of the investigated process.

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