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VIDEO. Doctor attacks a patient in a health center in Chile, for claiming a delay in care: Both were arrested and then fired

A violent event occurred yesterday at the Aníbal Pinto Medical Center, in Talcahuano, in Chile. According to what is seen on the security cameras, a doctor attacked a patient who alleged the delay in his care.

The assaulted man would have been using crutches, and according to what his wife pointed out to the portal, he demanded the return of his money when he was not attended.

«He started kicking it in a way… Combos in the head until saying enough. I couldn’t find what to do to defend him. I grabbed my backpack and grabbed it with backpacks,” said the woman.

Carabineros arrived at the scene and proceeded to arrest both involved, waiting for the summons from the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Two subjects proceed to argue and then attack each other for certain differences they had. Carabineros verify these injuries and are arrested. The Public Ministry estimated that they were summoned,” said Major Dante Cifuentes, commissioner of the 2nd Talcahuano Police Station.

Dr. Hans Munzenmayer, administrator of the Aníbal Pinto Medical Center, pointed out that “we reviewed the security cameras and realized that one of the professionals who perform medical ultrasound scans, who is not hired and only provides services, was assaulting a user. As a medical center we strongly reproach this conduct. We are against any type of violence, verbal or physical. We made the immediate decision to remove this sonographer from our institution.

While the wife of the victim assured that after this, “they finally fired him. He recently arrived very affected. We are very sad about everything that happened.”

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