[Video] Disgusting: Angry woman threw dog excrement at arepa vendors

[Video] Disgusting: Angry woman threw dog excrement at arepa vendors

Many people in Colombia depend on the informal economy to support their families. That is the case of many street vendors and street stall owners who honestly earn a living on a daily basis. The generality is that citizens appreciate the work of these people and mutually benefit.

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However, this weekend it became known the case of a woman in Villavicencio who exemplifies everything that is wrong in terms of city coexistenceAna. In networks, a video of a woman who rudely and violently complained to two women who have a street arepas stall for being in that place went viral: “They don’t have to behere,” he begins.

The most serious thing was not there, since the woman continued with the insults and took everything to another level, lis he threw the excrement of his dogs that he had just collected, without caring that they handled food there.

In networks they have applauded the attitude of the vendors who maintained their composure before the deplorable spectacle of the woman who threw the excrement. Below the video:

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