Video: Belinda caused a stir by kissing two women during the LGBTIQ+ pride concert

Belinda once again made headlines in several media outlets around the world, after in the middle of a concert that took place for the LGBTIQ+ pride march, will star in a kiss with two women in the middle of his show in the city of Madrid (Spain)

In a video that went viral through social networks, Belinda can be seen accompanied by Queen Valentina and the model Lola Rodríguez. Moments later, heThe singer slowly approached each of them and began to kiss them, and then had a longer kiss with another person.

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Those attending the event were very excited and began to shout with the emotion that this series of kisses gave them live. After the euphoria of the public, The Mexican was heard shouting “Long live pride!”something that moved all the attendees even more.

This brought reactions from Internet users, who did not hesitate to remember the mythical kiss that occurred at the MTV Music Awards, in 2003 between Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Separs, together on stage.

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It should be remembered that since Belinda ended her relationship with the singer Christian Nodal, they took different paths together, so the woman decided to return to Spain to follow his personal projects, which seem to be going perfectlyespecially when for what has been his stellar performance in a series produced by Netflix.

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