Video: an Army helicopter fell in a Quibdó neighborhood

Video: an Army helicopter fell in a Quibdó neighborhood

an army helicopter collapsed, this Sunday, March 19, in a neighborhood of the city ​​of Quibdó, the capital of the department of Chocó.

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Colombian President Gustavo Petro reported that “an Army helicopter crashed in Quibdó while doing supply tasks“, in a message on his Twitter account.

The Army confirmed the facts, which can also be seen in a video posted on social networks, and said that the aircraft was in a supply operation to bring food to all the soldiers who are on missions in Alto and Bajo Baudó.

In the clip that is known, it is observed how the helicopter rushes over the La Playita neighborhood, possibly for a

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From the military institution they also reported that the helicopter belonged to the Titan Task Force and they were traveling in it, according to what was revealed, four people, who died.

I have given the order to the authorities to move immediately to the area to deal with the emergency and investigate the causes of what happened“said President Petro.

Later, also on Twitter, he confirmed that there were no survivors: “It is with sadness that I am sorry to report that there were no survivors in the plane crash in Quibdó. I accompany the families of the CT. Hector Jerez, TE. Julieth Garcia, SS. Johan Orozco and SS. Ruben Leguizamon in this painful moment. we won’t leave them alone“.

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The governor in charge of Chocó, Farlin Perea Renteria, sent a message of solidarity “to the relatives and friends of the members of the Colombian Army who were part of the supply work in the department“.

And at the same time, they reported that they are “supporting the pertinent investigations into the event that occurred today in Quibdó.”

A similar accident occurred in November 2022, when a plane belonging to the San German tourist company fell in a residential neighborhood in the city of Medellin and caused the death of its eight occupants, as well as damage to at least seven houses in a residential sector.


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