Victory of Recoleta and stumble of Atlántida, General Díaz is resurrected

Deportivo Recoleta won its match and moved a little closer to the border of the Intermediate Division. For his part, Atlántida lost and General Díaz revived in the fight to achieve promotion. This afternoon they play September 24 and Tembetary.

The 30th day of the 2022 First Division B tournament began today with the matches of the teams fighting for the leading positions.

In this sense, the Recoleta leader did not stop the march and beat Silvio Pettirossi 3-1 at the Roque Battilana. Víctor Zorilla (39′), Carlos Vera (79′) and Blas González (87′). Leonardo Medina (89′) made the discount.

For its part, Atlántida fell 1-2 to General Díaz as a local at the Emiliano Ghezzi stadium. Jaime López (3′) put the Barrio Obrero team ahead early, but Aviador turned it around thanks to Cristian Grégor (15′) and José Cabañas (74′).

In this way, Recoleta extends its advantage at the head of the classification, waiting for what happens this afternoon with Tembetary and September 24 aregueño, who will face Colón de Saldívar and Fulgencio Yegros, respectively.

Atlántida took a step and will be more than expectant to the development of the grid. General Díaz added a victory that is worth his weight in gold and his chances of reaching promotion in the last sprint of the Championship are green again.


-Friday, September 23

*Atlantida SC 1-2 General Diaz

*Deportivo Recoleta 3-1 Silvio Pettirossi

*September 24 vs. Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ)

Stadium: Proculo Cortázar.

Time: 15:00

Referee: Cesar Herebia.

Assistants: Cristóbal Alderete and Juan Mendoza.

Fourth referee: Edgar Barrios

*Atletico Tembetary vs. Cristobal Colon JAS

Stadium: Erico Galeano.

Time: 15:00

Referee: Marcos Galeano.

Assistants: Silvio Coronel and Jeremías Cohene.

Fourth referee: José Cuenca.

-Saturday September 24

*February 3 FBC vs Sportivo Limpeño

Stadium: Ricardo Brugada.

Time: 10:00

Referee: Sergio Melgarejo.

Assistants: Christian Giménez and Nimio Vera.

Fourth referee: Luis Trinidad.

* Christopher Columbus (Ñ) vs September 29

Stadium: Pablo Patricio Bogarin.

Time: 15:00

Referee: Jhonatan Gonzalez.

Assistants: Jorge Martínez and Pablo Ojeda.

Olimpia de Itá vs President Hayes

Stadium: Presbítero Manuel Gamarra

Time: 15:00

Referee: Oscar Amarilla.

Assistants: Lorenzo Giménez and Digno Salinas.

-Sunday September 25

*General Caballero ZC vs Deportivo Capiata

Stadium: Hugo Bogado Vaceque.

Time: 15:00

Referee: Aldo Quiñonez.

Assistants: Carlos Valdovinos and Lucio Garay.

Fourth referee: Alcides Gray.


Deportivo Recoleta 59, Atlántida 51, Atlético Tembetary 50, September 24, 50, General Díaz 50, November 3, 49, Deportivo Capiatá 43, Presidente Hayes 40, Silvio Pettirossi 35, Olimpia de Itá 33, September 29, 32, Cristóbal Colón JAS 30, Christopher Columbus (Ñ) 29, General Caballero ZC 25, Fulgencio Yegros (Ñ) 22, February 3 RB 20, Sportivo Limpeño 15.

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