Victoria Cárdenas insists that they allow "a call or a letter" for Juan Sebastián Chamorro

Victoria Cárdenas insists that they allow “a call or a letter” for Juan Sebastián Chamorro

The persecuted politician Victoria Cárdenas regrets that the Nicaraguan regime still does not allow her and her daughter to communicate with the prisoner of conscience Juan Sebastián Chamorro, “they do not even allow us a phone call, a letter or a photograph.” Mother and daughter are in exile and have not seen Chamorro for 562 days.

In an interview, Cárdenas expressed the situation of anguish that he is going through without having knowledge of the conditions in which they keep the economist. “I have slept in so many beds, in so many places, that waking up at night and not knowing where you are, now I am alone,” said the opponent’s wife through tears, who is in the Directorate of Judicial Assistance in Managua.

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Cárdenas affirms that her main motivation at the moment is “to free my husband and the rest of the political prisoners, to have rights as a Nicaraguan, to return to my country without being repressed and without being harassed and persecuted.”

The opponent, who had to go into exile due to the persecution of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, pointed out that her desire is to be able to have communication with her husband again, or to be able to meet at the end of the day as they used to “enjoy the life we ​​have built, see our house. I miss my daily life the way I used to have it,” she said.

On the occasion of the festivities in honor of the Concepción de María, the dictatorship authorized family visits to political prisoners between December 7 and 8, however since his arrest, Chamorro has not been allowed to have any type of communication with his wife and daughter.

Chamorro, 51, was convicted in trials that his international lawyer Jared Genser said were riddled with irregularities. During the appearance, the Prosecutor’s Office presented 27 police officers as witnesses against Chamorro and six other political prisoners. The only proof that was imputed to them was their participation in a WhatsApp group and some interviews on television.

The prisoner of conscience is part of the list of more than 220 political prisoners who are held captive by the dictatorship after raising their voices against its authoritarian policy; Only on 11 occasions have his relatives been able to visit him in the branded “El Nuevo Chipote” torture center.

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