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Victor Masalles: “The life of a champion in faith was extinguished”

Victor Masalles: "The life of a champion in faith was extinguished"

The bishop of the diocese of baniVictor Masalles, lamented the death of the pope emeritus Benedict XVIwho died at the age of 95 in the Mater Ecclesiae monastery in the Vatican.

“The life of a champion in the faith, Bishop, was extinguished,” Masalles posted through his official Twitter account to fire the pope.

Likewise, he highlighted other qualities of the emeritus, whose funeral will be held on January 5, at 9:30 am (8:30 am GMT), in Saint Peter’s Square, reported the Vatican spokesman, Matteo Bruni.

«Doctor and Martyr. Bishop by calling, Doctor by his extraordinary wisdom and Martyr, he had to face the Judas from within and the trials and tribunals of the world. May God have him in the place he deserves so much. Danke Papst! », The bishop concluded in his message.

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