Víctor García Toma: "We must make it clear that this is a transitional government"

Víctor García Toma: “We must make it clear that this is a transitional government”

for the constitutionalist in this transitional government of the most urgent political reforms should be addressed so that the political crisis does not repeat itself.

“Boluarte was part of the Castillo government and decisively contributed to the discredit, not only naming disqualified personnel, as in the case of the vice ministries, but also has several ongoing complaints. This should not be forgotten so that we know with whom we are going to establish a relationship of command and obedience “indicated.

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“It seems to me that the most understandable thing is a truce. But, it must be made clear that this is a transitional government where dialogue must be held with the different political forces to improve the rules of the electoral process, strengthen the parties, make changes to the Constitution so that it allows for a better government. When that arrives, it seems to me that an advance of the elections should be given. This must be so because this is a transitional government.”he added.


Marisol Perez Tello

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