Víctor Erarte presents a contusive blow to the face

Víctor Erarte presents a contusive blow to the face

The Santiago prosecutor, Osvaldo Bonilla, revealed that Victor Erarte He had a contusive blow to his face, at the time of the lifting of the crime scene.

Victor Erartewho was a prominent folklorist, choreographer, and a figure of the Dominican carnival, was found dead this Sunday, with signs of violence at his residence, located in the Los Jardines Metropolitanos sector of the city, where he lived alone according to versions of neighbors and friends.

The representative of the Public Ministry in the city indicated that they are waiting to know the results of the autopsy on the body of Erarte, to see the direction in which the investigations will be directed.

“We have the challenge of first waiting for the autopsy, and immediately starting the investigations… Until now he has a type of contusive blow in the area of ​​the face, we have to wait and we cannot give more details,” Bonilla told the media that approached him.

three people arrested

For investigation purposes three people were arrested. Two Haitians who work in the area were taken to the police headquarters to be investigated, and another elderly man, whose name was not revealed, was also arrested.

Friends and co-workers defined Erarte as an exceptional human being.

“It’s something that can’t even be explained, because he was a man who can’t be replaced, he was an art teacher, he was the best, I’ve been treating Vitico for 40 years, he was an exceptional human being, he took food out of his mouth to give it to anyone,” said Rafael Martínez, a friend of Víctor.

“I am puzzled, he was a human being who gave his best for his city, I hope that justice does all the proceedings, apparently he did not die of death apparently they murdered him, he was an icon of joy,” said María Altagracia Malagón, a friend of Víctor.

“It is a painful process for those of us who knew him very closely, he was a being dedicated body and soul to his people, a lover of carnival, folklore, he leaves a great legacy,” said Bernaber Cruz, a friend.

Victor Erarte He had received several awards for his outstanding work as a folklore artist, and recently last Friday he had participated in a meeting at the provincial government, together with the Santiago carnival groups, a party in which he always participated with his float, choreographies and comparsa of fantasy.

In 2021, the city hall awarded him recognition and unveiled a mural in his honor for his contributions to art and culture.

The police will investigate

Regarding the fact, the National Police said that its director, Eduardo Then, would lead the investigations and that there are three people detained. He also confirmed that the folklorist was found with signs of violence.

In addition to this, the uniformed officer reported the formation of a team to investigate the incident.

“The general director of our institution has directly assumed the investigations of this case and immediately dispatched personnel to reinforce the investigations and give a forceful response as soon as possible,” the Police reported in a press release.

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