Vice President José Gabriel Carrizo and Minister María Inés Castillo award Good Practices Recognition of the SDG Seal

The Vice President of the Republic, José Gabriel Carrizo, and the Minister of Social Development (MIDES), María Inés Castillo, presented the Recognition of Good Practices of the SDG Seal, which demonstrates each of the efforts to build a country much more prosperous and inclusive.

The second version of the Recognition of Good Practices of the SDG Seal, which was carried out within the framework of the inter-institutional commission and civil society for the SDGs, in coordination with the United Nations (UN), called on each of the sectors of the country to participate with the initiatives that allow rewriting the future of the country, promoting employment and entrepreneurship, the ecosystem and the sustainable future, digital transformation, social and territorial cohesion, the empowerment of women, and education and culture .

In total, the participation of 46 stakeholders who postulated 98 initiatives was achieved, which were reviewed by a commission made up of 23 multidisciplinary professionals.

The winners and their good practices

The award ceremony, which was also attended by the vice minister of MIDES, Milagros Ramos Castro, and the presiding magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ), María Eugenia López Arias, included six categories and a grand prize. In Employment and Entrepreneurship, he won the Soluciones de Microfinanzas, SA (Microserfin) award, with the “Financial Inclusion Program for Refugees”; while in Ecosystem and Sustainable Future the Geoversity Foundation was recognized, with the project “Reserva Valle Mamoní”.

In Digital Transformation, Soluciones de Microfinanzas, SA (Microserfin) was distinguished, with the initiative “Digital Microfinance”; in Women’s Empowerment, Procter & Gamble Panama was recognized, with the Always Campaign “Girl Helps Girl”.

While in Social and Territorial Cohesion, the Community Clinic in Health and Education of the Specialized University of the Americas, with the “Interdisciplinary Model with a Community Focus in the district of San Miguelito”; and in Education and Culture, the Specialized University of the Americas was awarded, with the project “Center for Attention to Diversity”.

Meanwhile, the highest award as Good Practices SDG Seal – 2022 is recognized, for the second consecutive year, to the Technological University of Panama (UTP), which stands out with six (6) projects entitled:

1. Empowerment of Ngâbe women: soil improvement and self-consumption in Ñürüm.

2. Techno-Social Innovation Community Learning Spaces (ESACINTES).

3. Educational Software for the Reeducation of Dyslexia (SEDI).

4. Accessible Science in Matusagaratí: Wetland of International Importance (Proposed Ramsar Site).

5. Smart Labs-UTP: Industry 4.0 technologies at the service of education and entrepreneurship.

6. UTP Incoming and Outgoing International Mobility Program.

At the recognition ceremony, which was held in coordination with the Social Cabinet, two (2) distinctions were also awarded to Fundación Transición a la Vida for EleMentor – Employability Program and Banistmo for Sustainable Communities: conservation of ecosystems, transformation and empowerment of communities within the Panama Canal Hydrographic Basin. In addition to 12 honorable mentions.

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