Via Panamericana, between Cauca and Nariño, will be closed for 15 days

Via Panamericana, between Cauca and Nariño, will be closed for 15 days

It will remain closed for at least 15 days the Pan-American highway between Pasto and Popayán. The measure is due to the collapse of a bridge located at kilometer 41 + 500 meters.

The collapse of the bridge was caused by 4,000 cubic meters of earth and stone that completely destroyed it.

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Although the Traffic Police indicated that it is the Higuerones bridge, in the Government they make the precision that it is Aguadas.

The territorial director of the National Institute of Roads (Invias), María del Pilar Cerón, reported that the destroyed bridge will be replaced by a temporary metal structure, work that could take at least two weeks.

The governor of Nariño, Jhon Rojas, indicated that the department “is affected by a landslide in the Chachagüí municipality that disables the Pan-American highway“.

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He also said that when the bridge collapsed, Nariño’s economy will be greatly affected, for which he requested the understanding of the entire Nariñense community.

As an alternate route, the section was enabled for traffic Pasto-Buesaco-La Unión-Mojarras. This was the main highway in the past, before the Pan-American highway became the cordon that connects the southwest with the interior of the country.

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However, at present, transporters complain about huge traffic jams that cost them up to 10 hours to reach their destinations when using this step.

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