"Very macho" until they captured him: he hit a bottle, fractured and injured the dog "just because"

“Very macho” until they captured him: he hit a bottle, fractured and injured the dog “just because”

The pet ended up in a veterinary clinic and they ask the authorities for “exemplary punishment” for the aggressor.

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Very unfortunate the new episode of animal abuse that was captured on a security camera outside a commercial establishment. A subject threw a bottle at a dog, it happened in the municipality of Chiquinquirá, in Boyacá.

From the attack, they reported the animal ended up with a broken leg and other injuries such as to its nose and other parts of the body.

Security cameras in the area recorded everything.

The character is observed going through a store, the dog stops, takes a few steps to the street and the worst comes.

Everything happened out of nowhere, the man has the bottle in his hand and throws it violently. The dog apparently already knew what she would do, maybe that’s why she tried to get away from her.

After the attack on the dog, the person would have tried to leave, but could have been captured by the authorities.

For its part, the pet ended up with a fracture in one of its legs and other injuries, one of them in its nose.

Fortunately, the subject was captured by the authorities, but now they are asking for “exemplary punishment” for the aggressor.

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