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Venezuelan plane in Chile generates “suspicion” of the authorities

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Venezuelan plane in Chile generates “suspicion” of the authorities

After the arrest of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane in Argentina, the intelligence services of the South American countries sounded their alarms, in order to avoid “possible acts of terrorism” in their territories

A new Venezuelan plane landed this Wednesday afternoon at the Santiago International Airport, which generated “suspicion” from the Chilean authorities, as announced by Néstor Aburto, content director of Radio Bio-Bio.

It is an aircraft registration YV3533 operated by the Conviasa state line, sanctioned by the US Treasury Department, in February 2020. According to the Chilean newspaper Profilethis plane that landed at the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport, did so on a direct flight from Caracas to Santiago.

“According to the latest information that is known, this was a technical stopover and its destination was another country. So far no details are known of those who were on board the Conviasa plane. What is known is that it is the same plane that on March 15 took the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on an international tour of Turkey, Algeria, Iran, Dubai and Qatar. It is the same plane that is in the eye of the hurricane », he confirmed.

The Chilean journalist reported that parliamentarians from that country filed a letter with the Ministry of the Interior “asking the Chilean government to adopt the same measures as its Argentine counterpart (…) Which implies gathering information on who the pilots are and who are on board. . This is a passenger plane, not a cargo plane, what is the meaning and who authorized and who is selling fuel to this aircraft that has landed at the Santiago airport?

The southern media indicated that the presence of an Iranian citizen within the crew is presumed, however, more details are still unknown.

“It has been very strange that no one from the Boric administration has referred since we have contacted each other and requested information through the transparency units,” said Néstor Aburto.

After the arrest of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane in Argentina, the intelligence services of the South American countries sounded their alarms, in order to avoid “possible acts of terrorism” in their territories.

“Main purpose of the plane”

“We are facing an Iranian-Venezuelan operation throughout Latin America, with different objectives in each of our countries,” said Argentine deputy Gerardo Milman, who assured that the Argentine government covered up the main purpose of this plane in Buenos Aires.

“The statements of the Argentine officials tried to divert attention, but the file has advanced and has shown all the original accusations and extensions that we have presented in the case,” he assured in dialogue with Marcelo Longobardi, CNN reviewed.

For Milman, the Argentine government’s intention “has a central correlation with Argentine foreign policy and with the government’s alignment with the Caracas-Tehran axis.”

The official assured that “coincidences do not exist”, since the Emtrasur aircraft held in Argentina for more than 10 days, arrived from Queretaro, Mexico, where not only auto parts are produced but also aviation parts that “are used for the Tehran-Caracas agreement for the production of drones armed with nuclear missiles, which are produced in Venezuela”.

“My hypothesis is that in Querétaro not only did they pick up auto parts for Volkswagen, but they also picked up air navigation auto parts for those drones. And also, when he made a stopover in Caracas, 17 new crew members boarded, who are the ones who arrived in Buenos Aires”, he said.

Milman warned of possible “sleeping cells” in Argentina and “there is a possibility that one of the objectives of this plane was also the search for personal, physical targets,” he warned.

For his part, Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero referred to the government’s position and explained that “the country’s reaction is very responsible. A country that respects Justice, that has been carrying out the investigation and decreed the secrecy of the summary”.

“When there is a resolution, the Argentine Government will comply with what the Justice determines,” he specified.

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“There was no irregularity”

Last Saturday, June 18, Alberto Fernández, president of Argentina, affirmed that “there was no irregularity” with the Boeing 747-3B3 aircraft, registration YV 3531 of Emtrasur, the cargo company of the Venezuelan airline Conviasa, which has caused a stir for the alleged links of part of its crew, of Iranian nationality, with groups accused of terrorism.

Fernández, in a radio interview quoted by several Argentine media, attributed the international controversy, which involved Paraguay and the United States, to the interest of the opposition to his government.

“They wanted to show something that was not, some dark movement, but there was none of that, the Government acted quickly,” said the president in the program Secreto de summary, citing a note from the newspaper La Nación.

The aircraft was transferred earlier this year by an Iranian company to Conviasa. He landed on Monday, June 6, in Ezeiza, where they were waiting for him with intelligence information provided by various international agencies.

The president criticized his opponents for linking what happened “with events as painful as the attack on the AMIA,” the newspaper Clarín quoted.

“Some even dared to file a complaint for terrorism. But hey, these are the things that unfortunately we have to live with in today’s Argentina. It is part of the madness that is experienced from part of Argentine politics.

Fernández detailed that “what happened is that a Venezuelan plane arrived with a cargo from Mexico, contracted by an Argentine company, where there was no irregularity. On board the plane there were five Iranian people, with respect to whom, as far as we know, there is no type of restriction. Nor with respect to Venezuelans.”

He admitted that the problem arose when the plane requested refueling “because the sanctions imposed by the United States can affect whoever gives gasoline to that plane. It is an issue that needs to be resolved,” she pointed out.

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