Venezuelan physicist Anamaría Font will receive an award from the L’Oreal-Unesco Foundation

The Venezuelan professor of Physics Anamaría Font is one of the five women awarded by the L’Oréal Foundation – Unesco Foundation this 2023. The research of this UCV graduate is related to the first moments after the big bang

Venezuelan physicist Anamaría Font, a graduate of the Central University of Venezuela, was distinguished with the “Women and Science” award in its 2023 edition, promoted by the L’Oréal-Unesco Foundation, thanks to her contributions to society through of the investigations it carries out.

Font, who receives this award along with four other renowned scientists, was chosen as the winner in Latin America and the Caribbean due to her contributions to theoretical particle physics, especially to the study of String Theory.

according to Unesco portalProfessor Font’s research “has delved into the implications of the theory for the structure of matter and quantum gravity, which is also relevant to the description of black holes and the first moments after the big bang.”

Along with the Venezuelan professor, there are four other scientists who will receive the “Women and Science” award, promoted by the L’Oréal-Unesco Foundation on June 15 at a ceremony to be held in Paris; occasion that will also serve to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this association.

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For Africa and the Arab States, the professor of Chemistry Suzana Nunes; for North America, Professor of Bioinformatics Aviv Regev; for Asia and the Pacific, Professor Lidia Morawska, specialist in Earth and Environmental Sciences and for Europe, Professor of Mathematics Frances Kirwan.

The five winners were chosen by an independent jury led by Franco-Brazilian mathematician Artur Àvila and each one will receive 100,000 euros (almost $107,000) to continue their research.

“Each scientist has followed a unique path that combines exceptional talent, a deep commitment to their profession, and remarkable courage in a field still largely dominated by men,” the foundation said.

The scientific disciplines for which the prizes are awarded alternate between life and environmental sciences in even-numbered years; and subject science, mathematics, and computer science in odd-numbered years.

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