Venezuelan landowners ask the government to take firm action against invaders

Venezuelan landowners ask the government to take firm action against invaders

The National Federation of Ranchers of Venezuela (Fedenaga) asked the Government on Monday to act “firmly” against the invasions and occupations of illegal land that take place in the Venezuelan countryside and that have been denounced repeatedly by this organization.

In a press release, members of the federation raised the need for “the Venezuelan State to act firmly against the invasions and illegal land occupations”.

In this regard, the president of Fedenaga, Armando Chacín, reiterated the union’s rejection of the land conflict persisting and stressed that “there must be immediate action by the entities that must be focused on solving this problem that disturbs national production.”

the leader iHe insisted on the commitment of his organization to continue pressing until the State “turns its face” and offer “protection” to Venezuelans who own land and are in charge “of the little production that remains in the country and with which they guarantee the plate on the table of each and every one of the Venezuelans,” always according to the statement.

What is happening is not common crimesthey are attacking food production and against a country that is badly beaten,” said Chacín.

From Fedenaga, it was also denounced that in these illegal actions “some public officials” are involved who take advantage of extortion and invasions to obtain economic benefits and “get what is not theirs”.

Equally, criticized that the security forces “disregard” the evictions that are ordered by courts and that they are not executed and warned about the “anarchy” that prevails in the Venezuelan countryside.

So far this year, Fedenaga has accounted for twenty cases of “violence in the countryside”which shows the recrudescence of the occupation and invasion of land.

For the legal consultant of this organization, Alexis Algarra, the 20 violent acts recorded so far in 2022 and the 480 who registered in 2021 they are the consequence of the fact that “there is no security policy oriented towards rural areas”.

“In the countryside, the presence of the State through its security forces remains scarceand not only scarce, but with very weak resources,” said the lawyer recently in an interview with Efe.

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