Venezuelan doctor was raped by four men in Guayaquil

Venezuelan doctor was raped by four men in Guayaquil

A Venezuelan doctor was attacked and raped by four criminals in an informal taxi in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The Venezuelan After withdrawing money from an ATM in a shopping center located on Francisco de Orellana Avenue in northern Guayaquil, she took an informal taxi in which, with the complicity of the driver, several men got into it and later robbed and raped her.

according to the newspaper Ecuavisain her complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office, the Venezuelan professional wrote that the driver allowed two more subjects to get into the vehicle at Kennedy Park.

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 6 at nine o’clock at night.

The victim was stripped of her money and belongings, beaten until her face was swollen, and the three criminals took turns sexually abusing her while they circulated through various sectors.

Then they picked up a fourth assailant and finally left her abandoned on the Narcisa de Jesús Martillo highway.

After filing the complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office, the Police told the victim that the investigation had setbacks because the surveillance cameras of the Guayaquil Citizen Security Corporation, located in front of the scene of the events, were inactive.

Media local They reported that last Tuesday a team appeared on the site to repair the cameras.

For now, the Venezuelan receives psychological and psychiatric help from the Human Rights Secretariat, while her relatives demand justice to find the rapists and put them in jail.

Until April of this year, the Special Commission of the National Assembly that investigates crimes against Venezuelan migrants abroad counted 2,529 complaints violation of human rights of Venezuelan migrants in various countries of the region.

While figures announced this week by this same commission report the murder of 4,918 Venezuelan men and women in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and other Latin American nations.

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