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Venezuela registered a 7.6% increase in power failures in September, says NGO

A report prepared by the Committee of People Affected by Blackouts indicates that Zulia leads the states with the most power failures in September. With the power cuts in September, there are 138,200 failures in the first nine months of 2022

The Committee of People Affected by Blackouts, an NGO chaired by Aixa López, reported that during the month of September at least 27,569 electrical failures were registered, 7.6% more than in the month of August when the report of that organization showed 25,603 fluctuations Of electricity.

In its report, this Committee indicated that the state of Zulia persists in first place in the country with the most power outages, computing 4,001; followed by Carabobo with 2,799; Mérida, which accounted for 2,198; Miranda, adding 2,010 and Trujillo, which registered 1,333 blackouts. Meanwhile, Vargas was the one with the fewest energy problems in September, reporting only 302 failures.

With the power cuts in September, there are 138,200 failures in the first nine months of 2022, registered in Caracas and in the 23 states of the country.

The president of the Committee of People Affected by the Blackouts, Aixa López, warned the tuesday september 6 that in Venezuela it was close to reaching the threshold of 100,000 failures in the National Electric System (SEN) in 2022. In that sense, it revealed that until August there were a total of 98,315 reported failures.

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López indicated that these figures reveal the fragility and weakness of the SEN, as well as stating that it does not imply that there is an expeditious solution by the State to correct the flaws.

“There is no state or parish in the country that does not suffer from blackouts. They are daily », he affirmed.

Venezuelan ruler Nicolás Maduro set himself the goal mid august bring drinking water to 95% of Venezuelan households by the end of 2022, through the complete solution of breakdowns in the entire distribution system. But not only that, but the improvement in all public services in the country.

For his part, the Minister of Electric Power, Néstor Reverol, explained on that occasion the importance of canceling the rates of public services that already have 75% subsidies; he stated that he was willing to coordinate payments through dation or subrogation.

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