Venezuela proposes condemnation of coercive measures at a meeting of foreign ministers

Venezuela proposes condemnation of coercive measures at a meeting of foreign ministers

This Friday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yván Gil, reported that Venezuela proposed at the meeting of Ibero-American Foreign Ministers an unqualified condemnation of the use of unilateral coercive measures that have been undermining the right of peoples to development.

“We have requested a condemnation and it has been a unanimous condemnation,” said Gil, commenting that the unilateral coercive measures are condemned by this summit, which has been reflected in the final declaration that the heads of state will make on Saturday.

He also stressed that through the governments of Spain and Portugal, it was requested to submit to the European Union, the repeal of any unilateral coercive measure against the people of Venezuela.

Likewise, he assured that “the claim of the United States government, through its satellites in the world, to limit Venezuela’s capacity for action in multilateral forums has not found an echo at any time. Legality has prevailed and that is what we are practicing here”.

Venezuela has been present in all multilateral forums, “it has never abandoned space,” Gil said, mentioning that it has participated in the United Nations, Celac, Unasur and Alba.

“Our presence here (at the summit) is a continuous presence during the 28 editions of the Ibero-American summit,” he stressed.

Challenges of Latin America

Likewise, Gil stated that among the challenges facing the Ibero-American region is fighting inequality, closing the gap between rich countries and poor countries, and closing, within nations, the gap between those who earn the most and those who earn the least. . “It is what Venezuela will continue to promote, justice and social equality,” he stressed.

Venezuela also promotes within the debates that the region should be a space for exchange, relationship, to promote respect for the fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter, which establishes international law, the principle of non-intervention, the sovereignty, and the right of peoples to choose their form of government.

This Friday the meeting of foreign ministers began within the framework of the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government which opens tonight.

Through his Twitter account, the Venezuelan foreign minister wrote “We began in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the meeting of Foreign Ministers prior to the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government.”

The meeting takes place at the Convention Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex), where they address different issues that will later be dealt with by the heads of state.

The themes of this year’s edition of the summit are: investment, sustainability, social commitment, new financing models, connectivity and digital transformation, climate action, tourism, infrastructure, energy, ecological transition, and financial security, among others.

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