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Venezuela exempts cocoa exports from taxes and tariffs

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Nicolás Maduro announced this Wednesday that there will be an exemption from taxes and fees for the export of cocoa and its derivatives with a view to the sector “consolidating and expanding.”

“Here is a set of decisions and measures that are going to help a lot. In the first place, I announce the exemption from taxes and fees for the export of cocoa and its derivatives with a view to consolidating and expanding the sector and having facilities”, he indicated in a televised act.

Maduro said that it is necessary to continue promoting facilities in ports and airports for export.

“We must wage war against the mafias that like to charge illegal fees to export or import at ports and airports, we must cut off the hands of the mafias that persecute honest producers, honest businessmen who export and import as well” , he pointed.

Likewise, he asked for the support of producers and businessmen so that they denounce, “with name and surname”, through the Venezuelan social network Ven App, the “mafias” that ask them for money for the export or import of products.

Export to China

Maduro affirmed that China will be one of the countries to which this fruit will be exported, although he did not specify how many tons.

On the other hand, it decreed the prohibition of the introduction, propagation and cultivation of any seed or material of non-Venezuelan origin, to protect “Creole genetics.”

Likewise, it established protection measures and tariffs for the importation of chocolates and cocoa-derived products to “protect” national production.

“What it is about is (to) protect national production and generate exports,” he said.

On May 27, the Venezuela Committee of the World Farmers Organization stated that they expect to increase cocoa production by 60,000 tons within three years, an increase that will be progressive.

The goal is, “in at least three years, to double the production of 26,343 tons (…) about 60,000 tons, already doing what is the planting plan to the other cocoa-producing states,” said the president of the Committee of Venezuela of the World Organization of Cocoa Farmers, Ricardo Urpino, from a field of this fruit in Barlovento, Miranda state.

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