Venezuela and Nepal reaffirm solidarity

Venezuela and Nepal reaffirm solidarity

A sharing of revolutionary experiences was carried out by the Vice Minister for North America, Carlos Ron, and leaders of Nepal, regarding the realization of the international seminar on the Crisis of Neoliberalism in South Asia, of the XXI Century Marxism Research Association of South Asia and the International Assembly of Peoples (AIP).

On Twitter, Ron reported that at the event he discussed the struggle of the Bolivarian Revolution and Latin America, with the Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, Prakash Man Singh, who offered some considerations.

“We were able to listen to their reflections on the importance of the unity of the forces that fight for social justice. We appreciate your solidarity with Venezuela and with President Nicolás Maduro,” he noted.

Likewise, Ron indicated that he met Mohan Bikram Singh, one of the historical leaders of Nepal, “who fought for a constituent process that would abolish the monarchy and found a popular democracy. We are honored by his firm solidarity and admiration for the Bolivarian Revolution”, he stressed.

The International Assembly of Peoples published on Twitter its meeting of more than 50 members of the articulating commission of this instance with the Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”, to discuss the importance of international solidarity, as well as the progress of the revolutionary process in the Asian country.

The AIP Articulating Commission represents political organizations and popular movements from the five continents that work at the local, national and regional levels to discuss political orientation, organizational strategy and generate debates for the promotion of an international process that builds unity. around anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, ecology, feminism and anti-racism, according to the website of this organization.

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