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Venezuela and Egypt strengthen cooperation ties

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Venezuela and Egypt strengthen cooperation ties

The President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguezheld an important meeting with the ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Kareem Aminwhere they discussed the fundamental advances for the development of both nations, the cooperation agreement in education, communication, culture and agriculture.

The meeting took place in the office of the president of the Legislative Branch in Caracas, in this way they strengthen their bilateral relations through the exchange of ideas and knowledge to promote the areas of work for the well-being of their peoples.

It is worth remembering that Caracas and Cairo have maintained diplomatic relations for more than 70 years, which were reinforced in 2004 with an alliance and support based on respect, adherence to the principles that govern international law.

On May 24 of this year, the Arab diplomat met with the Vice President for Science, Technology, Education and Health of Venezuela, Gabriela Jiménez, with the aim of strengthening the technological and scientific fields.



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