Vélez defeated Barracas Central in Liniers

Vélez defeated Barracas Central in Liniers

Walter Bou celebrates Vélez’s goal (photo Maximiliano Luna).

Vélez Sarsfield met again this Sunday with the victory, which he had not achieved for 15 dates, by beating Barracas Central by 1 to 0, in the José Amalfitani state, for date 21 of the Professional Soccer League.

Striker Walter Bou gave him the victory through a penalty kick, 27 minutes into the first period.

The first stage had a discreet development because both teams proposed more fight than game, despite the intense actions they offered.

Within this panorama, it was Vélez who was the most incisive, especially due to the imbalance marked by Lucas Janson, the protagonist of the two clearest situations.

First, a violent shot by the former Tigre from outside the area, within it deflected into the outstretched right arm of Carlos Arce, which generated the subsequent penalty kick.

The one that Bou converted with a well-adjusted shipment to the left corner of the goal by Rodrigo Saracho, who despite his slap failed to deflect the ball, at 27 minutes.

photo Maximiliano Luna
(photo Maximiliano Luna).

Later, Janson hit a splendid header against the left side of the visitor’s fence, at 30 minutes, in the best moment of Uruguayan coach Alexander Medina’s team.

In the last passages of the opening chapter, Barracas tried to react, but his limited offensive capacity prevented him from approaching Leonardo Burián’s fence with greater danger.

Fortunately for the show, the development of the complement showed other attitudes on the part of the two teams, more determined to play with more precision and clarity, with the visitor who managed to manage a couple of arrivals with risk for Burián, who knew how to throw them.

While those from ‘Fortín’ continued with greater power in the attack and Janson appeared again to put a pass between the lines for the charge of Luca Orellano, who lost heads-up with Zaracho, who covered the shot with his right leg , at 24 minutes.

photo Maximiliano Luna
(photo Maximiliano Luna).

The subsequent departure of Janson and the previous one of Lucas Pratto made the local team lose offensive weight, which ‘Guapo’ took advantage of to become more incisive and among the situations generated, Burián’s notable reaction stood out to deflect a poisoned header from Bruno Sepúlveda, at 37 minutes.

Thus, the end became emotional because to what the visit proposed, Vélez countered ‘spicy’ replicas, such as the personal maneuver of Abiel Osorio, whose final shot after beating Zaracho, was deflected by Facundo Mater, at the door of the arch .

In this way, Vélez was left with the deserved victory because he was somewhat superior in the way he attacked and took advantage of his good moments, while he was left without Abiel Osorio for the next set with Boca Juniors, for accumulating five reprimands.

For its part, Barracas Central will receive Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata on the 22nd.


Velez Sarsfield: Leonardo Burian; Leonardo Jara, Matías de los Santos, Miguel Brizuela and Francisco Ortega; Mateo Seoane and Nicolás Garayalde; Julián Fernández, Walter Bou and Lucas Janson; Lucas Pratt. DT: Alexander Medina.

Central Barracks: Rodrigo Saracho; Máximiliano Rodríguez, Nicolás Ferreyra, Gonzalo Paz and Juan Ignacio Díaz; Carlos Arce and Facundo Mater; Iván Tapia, Fernando Valenzuela and Neri Bandiera; Bruno Sepulveda. DT: Rodolfo dePaoli.

Goal in the first half: 27m, Bou (VS), from a penalty kick.

Changes in the second half: At the beginning, Cristian Colmán replaced Bandiera (BC); and Dylan for Rodriguez (BC); 15m, Abiel Osorio for Pratto (VS); and Luca Orellano by. Fernandez (VS); 20m, Pablo Mouche for Arce (BC); 34m, Valentin Gomez for Bou (VS); and Santiago Castro by Janson (VS).

Admonished: Seoane, Janson and Osorio (VS). Arce, Sepúlveda, Paz and Ferreyra (BC).

Referee: Yael Falcon Perez.

Stadium: Jose Amalfitani (Velez).

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