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Velázquez after lying about his wife’s resignation: “There was noise, I didn’t hear”

Prosecutor Lourdes Samaniego, wife of Vice President Hugo Velázquez, is in the line of succession to Sandra Quiñónez, whom they intend to remove from office via impeachment.

Vice President Hugo Velázquez had stated that his wife, prosecutor Lourdes Samaniego, had resigned from the Public Ministry.

However, in reality, he only asked for permission, so he will return to the institution shortly, coinciding with the political trial promoted by the ruling party and the opposition against Attorney General Sandra Quiñónez.

“Here is the resolution that confirms that he actually asked for permission. Come back on August 29. The wife is in the line of succession of Sandra Quiñónez”, reported the journalist Jorge Torres.

Velázquez after lying about his wife's resignation: "There was noise, I didn't hear"


Given the attempted impeachment of Attorney General Sandra Quiñónez, an interview with Lourdes Samaniego resurfaced, who revealed that she would like to climb to the Attorney General’s Office. She revealed to a television program that her dream is to be the head of the Public Ministry or a minister of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ).

“The next step in my career would be the State Attorney General’s Office or the Supreme Court of Justice. At some point I thought about it, but honestly, between what is the role of Attorney General of the State and being a Minister of the Court, I would stay with being Attorney General of the State, “he told the C9N channel in December of last year.

He said that his aspiration was born several years ago, but for political reasons he postponed his desire to ascend to said position. She advanced that she would commit an act of infidelity by pointing out that on one occasion she analyzed the possibility of taking that step in her career together with her husband, who was serving as president of the Chamber of Deputies at that time.

“I spoke with Hugo and told him ‘I am going to run to be the state attorney general. Several times I had to give up my intentions, but I think the time has come,’ I told her, ”she recalled. However, Velázquez also expressed his intention to continue with her political career, already pointing to the Vice Presidency of the Republic. For this reason, she was forced to give up her aspirations, as she expressed herself.

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