Vehicle production increases 11.4% in March, says Anfavea

Vehicle registration rises 25.09% in May, says Fenabrave

The registration of cars in the country increased by 25.09% in May, compared to April, according to a survey by the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution (Fenabrave). There was also an increase of 6.03% compared to May 2021. Vehicle registration rises 25.09% in May, says Fenabrave

As a result, the accumulated retraction from January to May drops to 4.16%, comparing the first five months of 2022 with last year. From January to April, there had been a drop of 7.18%.

Among the reasons that explain the higher volume of licensed units, Fenabrave points out the fact that May had three more working hours than the previous month and the improvement in vehicle delivery by manufacturers, in view of the lack of some parts.

The highlight of the month was the volume of registrations for automobiles and light commercial vehicles, up 27.15%. In relation to April, there was a fall of 2.22% and, in the annual accumulated, of 18.07%.

“There is not a strong movement of recovery, neither of supply, nor of demand, but I believe that we are reaching a certain stability, which is already desirable, considering a very uncertain year like the one we are experiencing”, analyzed, in a note, the President of Fenabrave, Andreta Jr.

Regarding the registration of hybrid and electric vehicles, the survey shows the consolidation of an evolutionary curve in recent months. From January to May, 16,393 electrified cars and light commercial vehicles were sold. In the same period last year, there were 10,393 units, with an increase of 57.7% in volume. In terms of market share, however, the segment represents 2.4% of the total sold.

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