Vehicle production grows 33.4% in July, says Anfavea

Vehicle production grew 33.4% in July compared to the same month in 2021, according to a balance sheet released today (5) by the National Association of Automotive Vehicle Manufacturers (Anfavea). In July this year, 219,000 units were manufactured, which also represents an increase of 7.5% compared to June. From January to July, 1.3 million vehicles were produced, a drop of 0.2% compared to the first seven months of 2021.Vehicle production grows 33.4% in July, says AnfaveaVehicle production grows 33.4% in July, says Anfavea

New vehicle sales rose 3.7% in July compared to the same month last year. 182 thousand units were licensed in the period. In comparison with June, sales increased 2.2%. Year-to-date, vehicle sales recorded a 12% decrease compared to the same period in 2021, with the sale of 1.1 million units.

According to the president of Anfavea, Márcio de Lima Leite, despite the growth, sales remained stable and the perception was that there was a greater volume in sales to fleet owners, with 50 thousand units. He stressed that the difference is not so significant, but it had an impact on the sector and is a reason to observe and understand what is happening.

“High interest rates and credit restrictions naturally create greater access difficulties, because our sector fundamentally depends on credit. There has been a reduction that has continued since interest rates increased and the share of cash and term sales began to distance. This year 35% of sales are on installments and 65% in cash. Last year it was just the opposite,” he said.

Vehicle exports rose 76.3% in July compared to the same month last year, with 41,900 units sold abroad. Compared to June, the number of units sold in the foreign market fell by 11.4%. In the accumulated of the seven months of the year, the increase in exports was 28.7%, with the sale of 288,200 units to other countries.

“We can see a small retraction caused by issues in Argentina. But it is still cause for celebration because the sector continues to maintain a good level of exports”, analyzed Leite.

The number of people employed in the vehicle industry increased by 1.1% in July compared to the same month in 2021. Currently, automakers have 103,800 workers. In comparison with June, the increase is 1.3%.

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