Valles Cruceños march and demand the release of Governor Camacho

Valles Cruceños march and demand the release of Governor Camacho

January 3, 2023, 5:13 PM

January 3, 2023, 5:13 PM

hundreds of residents Vallunos in the capital of Santa Cruz have demonstrated against the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho. Through a peaceful march, they seek to make their voices heard before the government authorities.

“Camacho, friend, the people are with you”the protesters who left from kilometer 6, of the Double Track towards La Guardia and plan to reach the gates of the Governor’s Office, chanted at the top of their voices.

“We ask that the law and the rule of law in the country be respected,” explained the vallunos civics, as one of the main causes for the march this Tuesday.

The measure is added to other actions initiated after the violent apprehension of the governor a few meters from his home. Some of these demonstrations spilled over, such as the attacks on the Departmental Police Command and the burning of various State institutions.

Following these protests, the police responded with excessive use of force, which further inflamed the protesters. For six nights there have been serious incidents in the vicinity of Christ the Redeemer.

The civics of the Santa Cruz valleys demand explanations to the Bolivian Police for the violent actions it is taking against the protesters.

Along the same lines, he assured that in addition to the march, there will be a blockade on the route to Valles Cruceños as one more measure of pressure on the Government to release the governor.

Luis Fernando Camacho, governor of Santa Cruz, was apprehended on December 28. In a matter of hours he was placed before a precautionary judge who ordered his preventive detention in the Chonchocoro prison.

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