Valle del Cauca contestants of 'La Voz Senior' fell in love behind the scenes, the man asked for marriage

Valle del Cauca contestants of ‘La Voz Senior’ fell in love behind the scenes, the man asked for marriage

Valle del Cauca contestants from ‘La Voz Kids’.

Ninfa Patricia, from Palmira, accepted her lover’s proposal.

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‘The Senior Voice’ is one of the favorite programs for Colombians to enjoy with the family at night on Canal Caracol.

The reality show that will award the “best stately voice” in Colombia, consists of taking the stage to artists over 60 years of age, in a period of eight galas, four blind auditions, two rounds, a semifinal and a final gala.

Andrés Cepeda, Nacho and Kany García, the same jury of ‘The voice Kids’.

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Every day, in the midst of the development of the galas, stories involving the contestants are revealed: their professions, their origin and their taste for music. Also some situations of his private life are revealed as they progress in the program.

One of those stories that is emerging has to do with former participants Ninfa Cohen and Gustavo Rodas, who made good “blind” auditions but could not continue advancing in the reality show.

They fell in love behind the scenes when they coincided in the dining rooms that the channel arranged for the contestants. The first to be struck was Gustavo, a Valle del Cauca who managed to win over the gynecologist from Palmira at the tip of desserts.

“I didn’t look for him, he came. He is a very sweet person, charitable; he has divine values. Here in Bogotá there was nothing because I left, but he started calling me in the morning, at noon and midnight. I met his family and his way of living », revealed Ninfa.

She disclosed this situation to her children who supported her to give herself a “new opportunity in love”.

So it was. Little by little, Ninfa got closer to Gustavo and love was born between the two.

After leaving the program, they were interviewed by the morning newspaper ‘Día Día0’ and the unexpected happened there. Don Gustavo with a bouquet of flowers asked his girlfriend to marry him.

“We are witnesses to Gustavo Rodas’s marriage proposal to @ninfapatriciacohenp Long live love,” says the description of the publication of “Día a Día”.

Below is the emotional moment recorded in ‘Day day’:

Cover photo: @diaadia

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