UTE will implement a special financing plan for 67,000 households

As a result of the health emergency due to COVID-19, the payment of the electricity service was affected by 4% of all UTE customers. For this reason, the agency established a financing scheme for residential customers and will not apply fines, surcharges or interest to some 67,000 users willing to pay, who have up to 12 invoices pending.

The resolution, approved by the UTE board this Thursday 30, indicates that no fines, surcharges or interest will be applied and that up to 48 installments will be granted to allow 67,000 families to reintegrate into the usual payment circuit.

Emaldi revealed that, in the case of the 20,000 beneficiaries of the electricity social bonus who are having difficulty paying, the financing will reach up to 60 installments. In addition, no fines, surcharges or interest will be applied and some concepts will be exempt, such as connection fees and public lighting, so that monthly payments do not exceed 300 pesos.

The rest of the clients, some 47,000, will be able to pay in up to 48 installments. In addition, those with unpaid invoices prior to August 1, 2021 will have one year to demonstrate good payment behavior and thus put the debt in abeyance. If in August 2023 they do not have unpaid invoices, the debt will be exonerated; otherwise, it will be reactivated.

“As of October, and automatically, customers will receive the corresponding installments, so it will not be necessary for them to carry out any special procedure,” he said.

The hierarch added that in the current month users will receive the relevant information and the value of the fee they will pay from October, in addition to their usual consumption.

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