UTE registered profits of US$ 162 million last year

UTE registered profits of US$ 162 million last year

The UTE Board of Directors approved this Thursday balance sheet of the company corresponding to 2022. The numbers indicate that the public company ended the year with profits of $6,663 million, equivalent to about $162 millionas reported to The Observerthe president of the entity, Silvia Emaldi.

In 2021 the benefits had amounted to $17,262 million, equivalent to about US$396 million; largely due to record energy sales abroad that accounted for 80% of the profits on that occasion.

The result for 2022 indicates a return on equity (ROE) that was 4.95%. If the bonuses granted to customers through different plans ($4,125 million) are taken into account for the calculation, that record is 7.94%.

More sales to the domestic market

Energy sales to the domestic market totaled $66.230 million (about US$1.610 million). This implied an average production growth of 5.4% measured in gigawatts/hour compared to 2021.

By sectors, energy sales in the Residential segment grew 4.3%; General (SMEs) 8.3%; Medium and Large consumers 6.6%, and in Public Lighting it fell 4.7%. In the latter case, the loss is largely associated with the installation of led lights.

For his part, energy exports to the region (mainly to Argentina) totaled US$ 163 million. In national currency, revenues for this concept totaled $6,730 million, and were less than a third of what was registered in 2021, when placements had been record due to million-dollar purchases from Brazil, which experienced a severe water deficit in the second half of that year. anus.

selling costs

The drought led to a greater use of fuels for the ignition of the thermal park, first between January and April, and then between October and December of last year.

In 2022, UTE disbursed $9,217 million (US$224 million) for this concept. It is worth mentioning that in the first quarter of last year the price of oil also rose internationally, and in particular diesel, as a result of the war in Ukraine.


At the end of 2022, UTE had a current liability of $24,252 million.

The financial debt structure profile was 61% in local currency and 39% in foreign currency.

Contribution to general income

Last year, UTE transferred to General Revenue the sum of $5,000 million (US$122 million), as an additional contribution for the year 2021. This year the contribution to the State Fund is expected to be about $85 million.

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