UTE will increase its rates by 3.5% on average from January.  OSE will rise 6% and Antel remains

UTE rate increase is coming for January. How much more will you have to pay?

File photo: UTE
File photo: UTE

The beginning of 2023 comes with an increase in rates, and the first rush that comes is electricity: UTE announced that, from next January 1, there will be an increase in what subscribers must pay per month on their bills.

The UTE Board of Directors voted in favor of adjusting the rates by 3.5%, but the director representing the Broad Front, Fernanda Cardona, voted against. She was more akin to keeping residential rates frozen next year.

“Since the beginning of this administration, considering 2023 inclusive, in real terms UTE reduced rates by 11% compared to the CPI,” said the president of UTE, Silvia Emaldi, at a press conference.

This decision was made based on “the macroeconomic variables projected by the economic team, the financial strength of the agency and cost efficiency in internal processes,” he added.

The increase is the same as the one that was given in January of last year. OSE is also expected to increase rates by 6.7% from the same date, but is yet to be voted on.

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