Using counterfeit products could cause your home to collapse

Using counterfeit products could cause your home to collapse

The collapse of a It is not only related to fortuitous events such as or other natural disasters, there are also factors linked to the construction process, such as the use of counterfeit materials, which have an impact on the structure.

These errors, made in the execution phase of the work, could be classified as human, because they are avoidable, and hidden because they are not appreciated in the delivery to the client, which is very dangerous for its inhabitants.

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According to Antonio Cotera, a Pavco Wavin specialist, one of the main causes that influence building collapses is the use of counterfeit products that do not meet technical standards. There are various scenarios that test the resistance of these materials, so their quality will determine the integrity of the construction.

“On many occasions, in self-construction, which according to the Peruvian Chamber of Construction (Capeco) represents 56% of the market, the use of certified materials and technical supervision are not a priority for project developers in order to save, ignoring that this risk could turn out to be a real catastrophe. If it is built with counterfeit products, the useful life of the property is short”, warns the expert.

All structures in a building or home must be designed with safety factors and with great care to ensure tolerance to accidental loads or poor workmanship.

How to recognize a building in poor condition?

Although only a specialized structural engineer can identify if a construction is on the verge of collapse, Cotera indicates that there are some signs that show risks in buildings.

These include leaks, cracks in walls and partitions, detachment of bricks or coating material, defects in architectural finishes, malfunction of the electrical network and pipes that do not work properly.

“Some of these signs can be corrected, however, they represent very high costs”, maintains the Pavco Wavin expert.

Given the possibility of unforeseen events or structural problems invisible to the untrained eye, how can we guarantee that our buildings are safe?

The specialist points out that, in addition to having a good construction process, trained personnel and a correct construction design, it is necessary to bet on reliable and resistant products.

How to distinguish original products?

It is important to be aware of the safety requirements that each manufacturer places on their products. Brands typically develop a number of features to differentiate themselves from counterfeit materials. For example, that the tubes are smooth on the inside, that they have a security strip that prevents it from being taken off like a sticker and the labeling information.

Although the economic crisis in Peru aggravates the culture of little or no maintenance of our buildings, adding self-construction, carried out mostly without the presence of a civil engineer or architect, and an inventory of products of dubious integrity, going through High these elements in buildings, for cost reasons or by choice, has serious consequences, which directly affect families.


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