Users report Nequi crash that remains unsolved

Users report Nequi crash that remains unsolved

From the morning hours of This Saturday, October 1, Nequi users They have reported, through social networks, that the platform does not work for them.

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Sorry. We have a problem and we are trying to fix it. please come back later“, is the message that appears in the application when customers try to access their accounts.

Given this, users are prevented from make movements in your accounts. From transferring to withdrawing money. By 12:00 pm in the afternoon, the failures continued, according to several citizens on Twitter.

Regarding the claims made to the company, its response was that the falls will be temporary and they are working so that they do not continue. “Don’t worry, your money is safe in Nequi, let us continue to accompany you and help you have a better relationship with your money. In a moment our app will work 100% again!”, they write on their social networks.

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Other users have even reported that the falls are being reported since yesterday, September 30.

It should be remembered that Nequi is one of the largest digital wallets in the country and currently functions as a financing company.

In 2021, the app grew 103 percent compared to 2020; 6.7 million new connections; a total of more than 935 million transactions per year; Y more than 114,000 people who were able to access a loan.


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