Users observe bureaucracy and delay in procedures at Seprec

Users observe bureaucracy and delay in procedures at Seprec

Marco Belmonte / La Paz

Users see delays in attention and bureaucracy in carrying out the procedures in the new Plurinational Trade Registry Service (Seprec) that passed to the State administration since last April 1.

The entity clarified that several of the procedures are online or virtual and personalized attention is guaranteed.

On Monday there were complaints about the queues that many people had to go through to be served, although yesterday morning there were only people sitting waiting their turn.

A common complaint is the delay in service and that payments have to be made at Banco Unión and not at the offices themselves, users said.

“I have an SRL without movement in National Taxes for several years; I came to get a certificate that proves that, but they tell me to go online, check forms and go to Banco Unión to pay and come back. It became more bureaucratic and to close I have to pay 8,000 bolivianos. I didn’t understand anything, I’m going to have to send an accountant and pay him,” said one owner, after being attended to.

Another person maintained that he has been in a process since Friday. “Before, with Fundempresa, I could have this procedure ready on the same Friday and now I have to go to Banco Unión to stand in line. Hopefully there will be greater agility in the service”, stressed another person in the Seprec offices.

“Serious attention, I must go to Banco Unión to pay, stand in line and enter the system. I am with a procedure to obtain a business registration for an SRL, ”said another user. “We are waiting to follow up on a sole proprietorship, I came to find out to update my registration. It seems to me that the attention is still slow, it should be more agile, there are several windows but more information is needed, hopefully it will improve, “added another.

“The system is a bit slow. I am in the process of revocation of power. Before it was faster and easier and the forms were there. There is an online system, but it is slow and the mail does not arrive,” said another.

Users leave the Seprec offices on Av. 6 de Agosto.
Photo: C. Sánchez.

Seprec’s manager, Álvaro Sepúlveda, admitted that there is a lot of influx, but clarified that these are people who follow up on procedures initiated before March 31 and those who were observed by the former Fundempresa.

There are also people who come to ask for information on how Seprec will work and that is why there were lines on Monday.

Sepúlveda stated that physical presence is not necessary for various procedures in the entity. “It is not necessary that they come to the offices; many procedures can be done online, especially those that are free. Enrollment updates are 100% virtual, you just have to fill out the form and upload the financial statements in PDF to the system. You can cancel online or go to Banco Unión and everything is sent by mail to the user”, he remarked.

He also highlighted that rates were reduced. For example, the registration of sole proprietorships fell from 260 to 130 bolivianos; the cancellation of enrollments from 390 to 272 bolivianos, 30% less; address changes and updates are now free. “We implemented the digital signature and QR code in the procedures and all doubts are being addressed,” he pointed out.

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