US farmers want better conditions to trade with Cuba

Representatives of the agricultural sector of the United States explained to Cuban diplomats various issues that could influence better trade between the two countries, during a meeting at the Cuban embassy in Washington.

A note published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment states that members of the United States Agricultural Coalition for Cuba and the Committee of Young Farmers and Ranchers of Arkansas participated in the exchange.

Also present were representatives of groups interested in trade with the island and offices of the US Congress with jurisdiction over the matter.

According to reports, during the meeting the need for a new regulatory framework was pointed out that does not deprive the Cuban economy of access to monetary resources and that facilitates its growth and normal operation. They insisted that this would allow the expansion of two-way trade and cooperation to the benefit of both countries.

The head of the diplomatic mission, Lianys Torres, thanked the commitment of the United States agricultural sector with the Cuban market. She also mentioned the letters addressed to President Biden to request the lifting of sanctions on Cuba.

Cuba and the US aspire to establish better agricultural cooperation

Emphasis was placed on the process of socioeconomic transformations that Cuba is experiencing, which provide greater opportunities for bilateral interaction.

According to the ACN, Torres recalled the participation of US representatives in the III Agriculture Conference held in Havana, the First Business Forum of that country with Cuba, and the visit of a bipartisan congressional delegation focused on this area.

At the end of November the delegation, headed by the Democratic congresswoman Salud Carbajal, visited Cuba to analyze the current state of local agricultural practices and the situation of food supplies from the US.

In the most recent meeting, the co-chair of the United States Agricultural Coalition for Cuba, Paul Johnson, invited the participants not to stop exploring commercial opportunities with the island.

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