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Uruguay: “The Cuban Government is indifferent to the legitimate claims of its people”

MADRID, Spain.- The Uruguayan government condemned this week before the Organization of American States (OAS) the Cuban regime for the constant violation of human rights.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Carolina Ache Batlle, during her intervention In one of the sessions this Friday at the LII General Assembly of the OAS, which was held in Lima, Peru, he declared: “I cannot fail to mention that the situation in Cuba remains unchanged, its government is indifferent to the legitimate claims of his people for more freedom and respect for human rights.”

Regarding the existing repression in some Latin American countries, he denounced that in nations like Cuba and Venezuela “what is happening is contrary to the deepest values ​​and traditions of our hemisphere.”

“Current circumstances at the international level demand effective responses. The government of Uruguay prioritizes, today and always, the strengthening of the inter-American system and hemispheric multilateralism. We are convinced that the actions of the OAS are key”, he added.

On the previous day, the Secretary of State of the United States, Anthony Blinkenhad asked the countries of the Organization of American States (OAS) “unequivocally condemn the authoritarian regimes in the region,” among which he cited Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

In the specific case of Cuba, he referred to the “hundreds of people arrested” after the anti-government protests of July 2021 who remain in prison only for “asking for their human rights to be respected.”

In his speech, the US secretary also lamented that there are more and more anti-democratic leaders in the region and called for setting aside ideologies to defend democracy.

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