Uruguay seeks to improve the quality of statistical standards in the tourism sector

The Ministry of Tourism and the National Institute of Statistics (INE) signed an agreement for cooperation, advice and mutual technical assistance, in order to improve the quality of the sector’s indicators.

“The great objective of management is to have reliable and indisputable data that can contribute to the task, performance and future programming,” said the head of the portfolio, Tabaré Viera.

The signing of the agreement, held in the Arredondo room of the Secretary of State, was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio, and the technical director of the INE, Diego Aboal.

Viera expressed in his oratory that statistics are fundamental in the analysis, evaluation and projection of the agency’s work and added that seeking to improve the technical rigor of these data and taking advantage of technological progress will allow the use of new tools. Likewise, he highlighted the importance of having quality and reliable information for better decision-making in public policies and operators in the sector.

“Agreements between state agencies are always very positive, because they allow joint work and synergy between the different public actors,” he stressed, in dialogue with representatives of the media.

Meanwhile, Aboal considered that the agreement benefits coordinated work, in three strategic lines that involve improving the statistical quality of the sector’s information, through the adaptation of the Statistical Certification Standard granted by the INE since 2021. A second point It implies implementing new tools, such as the use of cell phone data to determine the movement of tourists, the duration of their stay and the places they visit in the country. In addition, starting in 2023, the tourism module of the Continuous Household Survey will be resumed, interrupted by the health emergency, he indicated.

And he valued: “For us, it is a pleasure and an obligation to collaborate with the generation of statistics in this sector, which is so important for the country.”

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