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Urine as fertilizer, the new contribution of the Castro press

MIAMI, United States. – The newspaper September 5the official newspaper of the province of Cienfuegos, shared an article suggesting that Cubans fertilize crops with human urine.

As has happened on other occasions with different state media, September 5 echoed a Article shared by a foreign medium, in this case the Agence France-Presse (AFP)which on April 28 published the text Human urine, an unexpected but effective and less polluting fertilizer.

All part of various studies by researchers from different scientific institutions linked to agricultural activity and non-governmental organizations, whose studies would show that the excretion of the kidneys of men as an alternative to chemical fertilizers.

According to these investigations, using this urine as fertilizer would reduce environmental pollution and enhance the feeding of growing populations.

It should be noted that September 5 It does not refer to the original source of the article (AFP), but to the portal Gestión, from Peru, which reproduced it in full two days later.

The newspaper also echoes the different reactions that the studies have had in this regard, well received in countries such as China, France or Uganda, and rejected in others such as Portugal or Jordan.

Although the official website does not directly suggest the use of this new fertilizer, its publication adds to that of other articles that have generated controversy among Cubans inside and outside the island.

From cockroach milk to fertilizing with urine

In March of this year, the station Radio Guamafrom the province of Pinar del Río, public an entry where he highlighted the “nutritional value” of cockroach milk.

In principle, the official media warned that it was only a curiosity originally published by the Spanish magazine Mercatrace that could be interesting to readers.

“The experiment, which has nothing to do with our reality, offers some details that you may find very interesting. We invite you to read this scientific curiosity to the end, ”said the radio station on her Facebook profile.

However, numerous users attacked the official media, forcing it to withdraw the publication from social networks.

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