Urgent issues

Urgent issues

The countries of the world are inhabited by human beings of different and varied origins, religions, sexual orientations, ages and genders. A case of melting pot USA where something unfortunate stands out; the racism that continues to be a serious issue of social abyss and that frequently shows its actuality in the country of Luther King. It should have ended in this country like in the world it still happens that blacks continue to die five years before whites.

A report highlights the persistence of racial inequalities in access to healthcare and health care, resulting in the deaths of more African-Americans than white people due to violence or poor access to healthcare.

The United States is a country with a long history, people and cases of affected health that must seek care in health centers that are increasingly expensive due to insurance plans. Obama care has given the possibility to more than 40 million North Americans, mostly black and Latino, to have access to healthcare. .

Historical lags
Clearly this shows us that the possibility that anyone who has enough health, knowledge, courage and will to assume personal, group and civic responsibilities. . The politics of that country still, like here, must work hard to manage them and work on them to respond to citizens.

Politics requires greater attention to diversity and access to education and health in order to make a true democracy with meaning and social value a reality in all the countries of the world. Inequality and inequity crack conflicts between social groups and weaken democracy. The work of our politicians must be greater and dedicated to these issues of social urgency in the US and among us.

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