Updates on the health of Germán Vargas Lleras after his bicycle accident

Updates on the health of Germán Vargas Lleras after his bicycle accident

This Friday, the leader of Cambio Radical and former Vice President of the Republic, German Vargas LlerasHe had an accident while riding his bicycle. along the roads of the department of Boyacá.

The Duitama health secretary, Juan Carlos Fuentes, reported that moments after the incident, the former presidential candidate in 2018 was transferred to the Boyacá Clinic located in this municipality, and after several medical check-ups, it was reported that he will be transferred to a care center in Bogotá due to the seriousness of the injuries sustained on board this vehicle.

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Although there is no clear part of how the accident happened, it was known that it was a fall through the sector better known as the lane.

A few hours after the accident, which is estimated to have happened around 3 in the afternoon, the candidate was flown by helicopter to Bogotá to be treated for a fracture in the right femur, according to the manager of the Boyacá clinic.

Before his transfer, Carlos Alberto Posada, manager of the Boyacá Clinic, indicated that Vargas Lleras had been treated with pain medication and by immobilizing the limb affected to reduce damage after the accident.

“Basically two procedures were performed, pain management through his medications that were controlled and additionally an immobilization was placed through skin traction so that the fracture was as stable as possible while it reached its destination. It is an intertrochanteric femur fracture that logically compromises his hip but it is not that there are two fractures if it is not a single one, “said the doctor to Noticias RCN.

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